December 11, 2017

December 11, 2017

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Five Minutes and A Chair - How to Stay Sane When Planning Your Wedding

December 7, 2017

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Why a Wedding Planner?

June 30, 2018


Welcome to wedding season Wise Brides! We know you will be busy attending weddings and possibly now planning your own, which is often as time consuming as another full time job! Trying to manage it all, find suppliers, source venues and get everyone’s wishes and requests adhered to, can feel overwhelming at times and take the joy away from this fantastic occasion. That is where a Wedding Planner comes in! We thought we would put this post together to explain a little more around the benefits of this service and put the excitement and enjoyment back into your planning!


Below you will find some of our top tips of how hiring a wedding planner can help!







Sourcing and Supplying


Use our contacts! One of the main benefits of hiring a Wedding Planner is utilising our network of experienced and recommend suppliers. We are able to call on our contacts to best match your criteria and budget and give you the desired outcome you are looking for – and you don’t have to put in the hours and hours trawling through websites and recommendations and having the inevitable budget conversations! We take care of this process and often, we are able to secure more preferential rates – also a bonus for the all-important wedding budget! We trust and value all our suppliers and only ever recommend those who we are confident have the same business values and execute the same level of professionalism and care as we do – so that’s one less thing to worry about!


Experience and Industry Knowledge


Use us for what we are good at! Legalities, etiquette, timelines, budget, trends, best bridal shops or personal trainers – we have a bank of experience to call upon that can benefit you. We are solution focused and have likely problem solved most situations (although if we haven’t dealt with it before, rest assured we will find a solution!) We work hard to understand your overall vision of the day, we then offer you suggestions as to how to achieve it – you will be asked to make a lot of decisions in the wedding planning process and again, this can feel overwhelming! We are there to make recommendations and advise on the most effective outcome in line with your overall goal. We are always on the end of the phone and having this support throughout the process to call upon is one of the key pieces of feedback that brides feel has been invaluable when hiring a Planner.




Use us as your Zen master! As you likely will have discovered on your own path, or indeed have heard from friends/family from their own experiences, wedding planning is stressful! Whether you are working to short timelines or have years to make all the arrangements, regardless, the never-ending lists, deadlines and decisions can certainly take their toll! We feel it’s a huge shame when couples become disheartened during the process when they’re struggling with budget, guests and the overall details of the day….. The good news is you can banish this! As professionals at dealing with these demands and acting as liaison on your behalf, we can ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable journey, it is that simple!





Use our love of lists! We LOVE details, we may be thinking of things that haven’t even crossed your mind yet, and that’s from experience knowing that when you turn up on the day, something you may not have thought of suddenly glares at you and becomes the stone in your shoe! We are all about pre-empting this, finishing touches, contracts and terms, dos and don’ts, spell checks, route mapping, which soap you want in the  bathrooms, whatever the detail, we work hard to ensure all the elements are pulled together in an efficient and timely manner, saving you significant personal time (did you know on average a bride spends approximately 250 hours on wedding planning, that’s the equivalent of another full time job!), We can often secure you better deals, knowing what to keep an eye out for throughout the process and knowing what to scrutinise in the all-important small print!


Money Money Money


Use us for our spreadsheets! As mentioned above, Wedding Planners can often secure preferential rates with suppliers, and secure better terms overall, we also set the wedding budget with you at the beginning of the process and we maintain a constant tracker to keep this in check, finding money saving solutions where necessary. Whether budget is strict or not, we ensure that all suppliers are paid when necessary (although payment does need to come directly from the Bride & Groom of course) we can even pre-empt elements you may not have budgeted for initially, but that should be considered in the process, all helping manage expectation from the beginning so there are no nasty shocks along the way (or heaven forbid on your nice relaxing honeymoon!). So, while you may be debating the value of hiring a Planner, on average, the savings are often made back up through our savvy execution and contingency planning. Often brides have fedback that where a Planner was not hired, significant unforeseen costs were accrued that had not been budgeted for initially.


Stylists and Storytellers


Use our eagle eye! We love weddings, planning them, styling them, dressing tables, sourcing props, creating themes, consider us your living Pinterest board! Most couples have a clear vision of the style and overall look they want to achieve (and if not we can help with that too) what is great now is that anything goes, convention has been abandoned and couples are free to express themselves with the style of venue and décor (and of course wardrobe) they choose to opt for! We love making this a reality for you, if you want recommendation on which trends to utilise (or not!), seasonal suggestions, colours, style, themes whatever it may be, we believe in bespoke planning, and that means that we tailor every brief and execution to the specific requirements of the Bride & Groom, we pride ourselves on style and taste and relish communicating the couples’ unique story



On the Day


So, we’ve done the extensive hours’ worth of planning, the dress is hanging, the suppliers are prepped, the guests are en route, you’ve hopefully managed to sleep and eat something (highly recommended!) and you are now getting butterflies. However, this is not butterflies of worrying about what everything will look like or how it will come together, or how your guests will get from A to B or what happens if it rains! No, because this is all taken care of, the butterflies are purely excitement at knowing everything is in place, all the logistics are managed and under control, and all you need to worry about is beaming at everyone as you walk down the aisle for your all-important entrance your guests (and husband to be) are eagerly awaiting! We manage your day and deal with any problems that may arise behind the scenes, so you are free to enjoy every second of your special celebration. We ensure you are happy , we make sure it looks as good as (if not better than) what you had imagined, and we don’t leave until every detail is checked and the party is in full swing! And that, is the joy of a Wedding Planner


To speak to us about your plans get in touch at, 


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